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The Volunteer’s Return  - Frank Buchser Canvas
The Tlaxcalan Senate - Rodrigo Gutiérrez Canvas
1800s: Black Woman out for a stroll Canvas - Art In Shades
The Wake - José María Jara Canvas - Art In Shades
The Offering - Saturnino Herrán  Canvas
Dido Belle Canvas
Equality Amongst The Races Canvas
Three Women on the Street of Baghdad - Jāzeps Grosvalds Canvas
Isabella - Simon Maris Canvas - Art In Shades
Cigarette Seller - English School Canvas
Portrait of Emmanuel Rio - Albert Schindler Canvas
Saint Benedict Of Palermo Canvas - Art In Shades
Inca Noble Woman Canvas - Art In Shades
Girl with a Vase - Antonio Xavier Trindade Canvas
Black Cowboy - Remington Canvas - Art In Shades
Maori Girl - Gottfried Lindauer Canvas
On to Liberty - Theodor Kaufmann Canvas
Imperial visit to a field hospital - Kobayashi Kiyochika Canvas - Art In Shades
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