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Maori Girl - Gottfried Lindauer Photo Print


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<p>Commissioned portraits gave Māori control over how they were represented. <br /><br> This portrait was probably painted for this unidentified girl or her whānau [family]. Gottfried Lindauer’s portraits of Māori painted for Pākehā usually feature customary adornment and clothing. But this elegant young woman wears beautifully tailored European clothing – her own choice of personal expression. <br/> <br> Lindauer painted many portraits for Māori clients from the mid 1870s. For his sitters, portraiture was another way of representing themselves, in addition to whakairo [carving] and other art forms. </p>


  • Giclée printing techniques(170gsm)
  • Photo print (170gsm)
  • A bright-white lustre photo art paper.