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The Tlaxcalan Senate - Rodrigo Gutiérrez Poster


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<p>Tlaxcala elites crowd around the four men a top the dais. A tumult of expressions play across the their faces. They have gathered to discuss war. The four men on the dais are their chiefs. One chief, old and blind, stands. Another man, young and dressed in jaguar skins, at the foot of the dais mirrors his pose in support. <br /><br> The old man is Xicoténcatl the Elder and the younger man is his heir, Xicoténcatl the Younger. <br /> <br>Strange pale men have arrived on Tlaxcala lands. Their leader, Hernán Cortés, has sent them a proposal. He desires an alliance with them to defeat the Aztecs, the Tlaxcala's most hated enemies. <br> <br> Xicoténcatl the Elder will counsel refusal. The defeat of the Aztecs would surely mean the defeat of them all. His words will fall on deaf ears.</p>